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Wow! Hawaiian Senator. Surf: "Captain Cook", "Island Biography", "Insular Biogeography", "Wild Boar in Hawaii", "Lewis Expedition", "Sacajeweah", "Darwin", "Galapagos", "Hawaiian Pizza", and "Dartagnan.com" (for wild boar lonza). Pineapple and Wild Boar are both invasive species on the islands of Hawaii. With the kids away; perhaps some home made Hawaiian pizza with fresh pineapple and dartagnan lonza? And perhaps a lei in Hawaii is in your future... before house cats extirpate all the ground nesting birds, and wild boar uproot all the native plants. Now that you're home alone you should be considering the "host" of recipes a 2:1 ratio of flour to water can be the genesis of creating in unleavened pizza crust, tortilla and pasta; and perhaps about a firmament in the waters; an island paradise like a garden.

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